Established in 1948 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO) operates as an international health authority and seeks to provide a better, healthier future for people all across the globe. The WHO, a member of the United Nations Development Group, works closely with the United Nations to assist its Member States with their national policies and health objectives. Furthermore, there is frequent collaboration and communication between the WHO and the United Nations to ensure that health is a focus within UN intergovernmental bodies, as well as provide leadership in health-specific humanitarian endeavours.

Functioning under the broad mandate to promote people’s obtainment of the highest quality of health, the WHO’s current initiatives comprise of six leadership priorities: (1) achieving universal health coverage, (2) developing global health regulations, (3) increasing access to medical products, (4) addressing factors that contribute to health, such as social, economic and environmental issues, (5) responding to noncommunicable diseases and (6) promoting public health.

WHO is a beginner committee that offers the traditional Model UN experience for all delegates alike.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].


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Topic A

Access to Healthcare in Rural Regions

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Topic B

Antimicrobial Drug Resistance


Cindy Zhang

Embarking on her sophomore year at Fraser Heights Secondary, Cindy is exhilarated to serve as the Director of the World Health Organization at CAIMUN 2020. Her Model UN journey began in early grade 8, driven by both curiosity and in some ways, peer pressure. Nonetheless, despite showing up late to her first-ever committee session and being coerced into giving a 10-second speech, she immediately became immersed in the fervent and enthralling community of Model United Nations. When not sacrificing copious amounts of sleep over academics, she can be found adding another bruise to her arms and legs through reckless activities, attempting to explain moral philosophy to her friends, or struggling to balance four instruments and a healthy social life. Cindy is beyond excited to meet everyone at CAIMUN 2020 and wishes all delegates an unforgettable experience!


Elizabeth Park

Currently embarking her senior year at Port Moody Secondary, Elizabeth is honoured to serve as the Chair of the World Health Organization at CAIMUN 2020. After speaking twice at her first conference two years ago, she has continued to pursue MUN as both delegate and staff member in various conferences. Since then, she has delved into her passion for global issues, creating lasting friendships and memories along the way. Aside from MUN, Elizabeth can be found competing in business case competitions, spending copious amounts of money on Vancouver’s local eateries, and, very very rarely, being productive. Elizabeth is looking forward to meeting you all and hopes this year’s iteration of CAIMUN will be an unforgettable experience for all delegates!


Kenneth Lee

Kenneth is a sophomore at St. George's School and is elated to be serving as a Chair in WHO at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since his first conference, he has recognized Model United Nations to be more than just a simulation of world events, but a special extracurricular that has gifted him with numerous friendships and a passion for public speaking. Outside of Model UN, Kenneth can be found in various bubble tea shops consuming dangerous amounts of sugar, and on the water, rowing in shiny boats while wearing fashionable bucket hats. Kenneth is exhilarated to witness what the delegates have to bring to the table and hopes for an entertaining weekend of debate!