The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) was established as a specialized agency of the United Nations in 1975 with the purpose of facilitating sustainable tourism practices across the globe. It does this by portraying tourism as an economic catalyst, an impetus for infrastructural development, and an incentive for environmental protection for over 100 states around the world.

Headquartered in Madrid, the UNWTO remains at the forefront of international efforts to facilitate competitive tourism markets and responsible visitor behaviour with technical assistance projects and educational initiatives. By acting in accordance with the provisions of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the UNWTO places an emphasis on fostering socioeconomic growth and development.

UNWTO is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

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Topic A

Slum Tourism


Topic B

Promoting Sustainable Tourism


Christina Su

As Christina’s vision to graduate might finally become a reality, she finds herself elated to be serving as the Director of the United Nations World Tourism Organization at CAIMUN 2020. A senior at Crofton House School, CAIMUN was the beginning of Christina’s journey as a Director, and will also be the ending of the perfect chapter of her MUN story. Outside of MUN, Christina can be found making excuses for her inability to get behind the wheel, consuming one too many caffeinated drinks, and berating one of her Chairs. Christina wholeheartedly looks forward to a phenomenal weekend of debate and hopes to create an unforgettable experience for all delegates at CAIMUN 2020.


Jamin Feng

Jamin is a senior at St. George’s School and is inexplicably ecstatic to be chairing the United Nations World Tourism Organization at CAIMUN 2020. Having entered the world of MUN in the sixth grade, Jamin has fallen in love with the debate, the frenzy, and the people involved in this enticing activity, as well as the opportunities that MUN has provided him in becoming a more knowledgeable global citizen. Outside of MUN, Jamin enjoys looking up to Gordon Ramsay, going for a run, or leaving his Director on unread. Jamin is excited to meet everyone and help facilitate the heated discourse at CAIMUN 2020.


Calista Lu

Calista is a senior at North Surrey Secondary who is ecstatic to serve as the Chair for the United Nations World Tourism Organization at CAIMUN 2020. Beginning her MUN career in grade 10, she has been drawn into its world with the exciting topics, innovative solutions to global issues and enthusiastic delegates. Outside of MUN, Calista enjoys cultivating her earring addiction, spending too much money on food, reading novels and fangirling over kdramas. She is passionate about creating change as a member of non-profit organizations and also enjoys teaching piano as a part-time job. Calista looks forward to a thrilling debate with the delegates of UNWTO and an incredible experience together at CAIMUN!