Founded in 1946, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the organ of the United Nations responsible for the maintenance of international peace and security. As arguably the most publicized and most powerful UN body, the UNSC is made up of 15 member states—five permanent, and ten elected for two-year terms by the General Assembly. The permanent members, known as the P5, are the United States, China, France, Russia and the United Kingdom. Each of the P5 possesses the power to veto substantive UNSC resolutions.

The UNSC is unique in the UN as it is the only body with the power to make decisions that other members are obligated to follow. Under the UN Charter, all member states agree to accept and carry out decisions made by the UNSC. In situations where conflict cannot be ended by peaceful negotiations, the UNSC may choose a variety of courses of action, such as dispatching peacekeepers, enforcing economic sanctions, severing diplomatic relations, or even pursuing collective military action.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is an advanced committee designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

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Topic A

Insurgency in Egypt


Topic B

Kashmir and Jammu Conflict


Cassidy Lee

Currently embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Cassidy is honoured to serve as the Director of the United Nations Security Council. Ever since starting Model UN two years ago, she has developed a passion for global diplomacy, public policy, and international relations. Not only limited to Vancouver, Cassidy has also delegated at conferences in Honolulu and Madrid. Outside of Model UN, she enjoys capturing photos during portrait shoots, discovering Vancouver’s newest brunch restaurants, and catching the latest sunset. As CAIMUN will mark the end of Cassidy’s high school Model UN career, she eagerly awaits this year’s iteration of CAIMUN and looks forward to meeting all delegates for a weekend of pragmatic and progressive debate this coming May.


Lincoln Lee

Lincoln is a junior at Port Moody Secondary School and is honoured to serve as the Chair of the UNSC. After a coincidental visit to his MUN club meeting, he has been hooked by the merit of debate. Since then, he has had immense luck in discovering his passions, learning about politics and meeting incredible people. In his spare time, Lincoln can be found watching political YouTube videos, enjoying homemade hotpot with friends or practicing card tricks. Lincoln hopes that CAIMUN will be an inspiring experience for all and looks forward to meeting everyone in person.