The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) was founded in 1966 as a specialized agency of the United Nations system in Vienna, Austria. According to the Lima Declaration from 2013, the agency is dedicated to supporting “inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID) in Member States”. Throughout its existence, UNIDO has played a vital role in supporting industrial development and working towards general sustainability goals.

Currently guided by the principles of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, UNIDO prioritizes programmes for the development of agro-industries, investment in technology and entrepreneurship, environmental management, and sustainable energy promotion. Moving forward, the organization will undoubtedly contribute to the increasingly relevant mission of promoting sustainable economic development.

UNIDO is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

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Topic A

Automation in the 21st Century


Topic B

Sustainability of Natural Resource Industries


Annushka Agarwal

Annushka is a Grade 10 student at West Point Grey Academy and is delighted to be directing the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation at this iteration of Canadian International Model United Nations. Despite her aptitude for procrastination, she has attended multitudinous Model UN conferences over the course of her high school experience thus far. When not relishing in the thrill of diplomacy and debate, she enjoys kayaking, eating cake, and getting nine and a half hours of sleep on a daily basis (prompting much annoyance from her sleep-deprived friends). Annushka is looking forward to CAIMUN 2020 and encourages delegates to contact her with any questions about this committee.


Michelle Kim

A senior at Crofton House School, Michelle is pleased to be serving as the Chair of UNIDO at CAIMUN 2020. Since her first conference, Michelle has fallen hard for the fast-paced discussion and fiery debate that characterizes MUN committee sessions, having developed from "that quiet Asian girl in the corner" to the delegate who won't stop talking about an issue that doesn't affect their country whatsoever. Outside of MUN, Michelle can be found crying, savouring overpriced iced americanos, and video-calling her grandma. Michelle wishes delegates the best of luck, and looks forward to working with them at the conference!


Myah Rawji

Myah is a senior at Sentinel Secondary and is ecstatic and honored to be serving as the Chair of UNIDO at CAIMUN 2020. Her Model UN journey began in grade 9 and has led her to take on various leadership roles within her delegation including attending conferences in New York City and at Harvard University. She has developed an unparalleled passion for global affairs and is beyond grateful to those who have guided and supported her through her Model UN journey. As an enthusiastic foodie, Myah can be found travelling the world exploring various cultures and cuisines. Myah is also an avid dancer, yet at the same time is unusually clumsy. She is eagerly waiting to meet all of the delegates and is looking forward to the sleepless nights of remarkable debate.