The Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL), also known as the Fourth Committee of the UN General Assembly, was created in 1993 to oversee a broad spectrum of issues. When the Fourth Committee was first created, it was designed to regulate the trusteeship system, facilitate decolonization, and deal with external security issues that the First Committee was not equipped to handle. The committee later merged with the Special Political committee to create what is now recognized as SPECPOL.

Today, SPECPOL’s mandate includes issues such as self-determination, decolonization, peacekeeping, human rights, outer space, and atomic radiation. These resolutions are not binding; however, the committee’s more generalized conception of international security makes it vastly influential in the international sphere.

SPECPOL is a beginner committee that offers the traditional Model UN experience for all delegates alike.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].


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Topic A

Violations of Workers' Rights


Topic B

Countering Terrorist Recruitment Efforts


Lauryn Lee

Lauryn is a senior attending Gleneagle Secondary School and is honoured to serve as the Director of SPECPOL at CAIMUN 2020. She started her Model United Nations journey three years ago, afraid of speaking in front of a large crowd, and raising her placard a total of two times throughout the entire conference. Feeling ashamed and regretful, Lauryn vowed to boost her public speaking skills and confidence by speaking at least seven times at every conference. Since then, she started attending numerous conferences in the Lower Mainland, hoping to achieve her goal. Little did she know that she would become absolutely captivated by MUN. During her spare time, you can find her scrolling through Instagram for hours, cramming last-minute information into her brain before a test, or eating late-night snacks whilst struggling to finish university applications. Lauryn cannot wait to meet this year’s delegates at CAIMUN 2020, hoping to find their passion in MUN.


Emily Ni

Currently in her junior year at Crofton House School, Emily is indubitably enchanted to be serving as the Chair of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) at CAIMUN 2020. Having been inveigled into entering the esoteric world of Model UN four years ago, she can confidently say that MUN has shaped her high school years for the better. After entertaining countless trysts with synonym-generating sites and developing a gentle caffeine dependency, she has fostered a rather affectionate zeal for diplomatic negotiations. As the beginning of the end draws nearer, she remains forever indebted to the friends she’s made—they have truly become her north star through it all. Outside of the committee room, she can be found napping in cafés, laminating various speeches so her tears will roll off, playing card games on Parq rooftops, and curating her lofi playlist. Emily looks forward to a weekend of enrapturing debate and lifelong memories!


Andries Gouws

Andries Gouws is currently in his grade 11 year at Meadowridge School and is honored to be serving as a Chair in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee at CAIMUN 2020. Since attending his first Model UN conference in 2017, Andries has fallen in love with Model UN’s energetic speeches. Beyond Model UN, Andries can be found debating, playing soccer, and, on rare occasions, hanging out with friends. In his free time, Andries enjoys crying his way through Frank Ocean’s Blond and spending copious amounts of money at thrift stores. Andries hopes that he will be able to Chair a memorable committee during this year’s CAIMUN 2020.