Step One


Ensure that the school registration form has been completed by your school’s sponsor teacher, parent, or head delegate. In the instance that your school does not have a sponsored Model UN club, please contact our USGs of Delegate Affairs, Serena Chen and Cynthia Gan, at [email protected] for arrangements regarding independent registration.

Step Two


Please allow up to 48 hours for us to process your registration information. Once the primary contact of your school receives an approval, your school title will be posted on our Delegate Registration database. Delegates are reminded to register under their respective school name.

Step Three


The delegate registration form will become available in the near future. All registrants will receive their committee and country assignments via email. Sponsor teachers/parents and head delegates will also have a copy of each student’s assignment in their school delegation spreadsheet.







Up until January 1st, 2020: 100% refund on conference registration
Up until February 1st, 2020: 50% refund on conference registration
Up until March 1st, 2020: 25% refund on conference registration
Any requests made after March 1st, 2020 are subject to no refund

If extraneous circumstances arise and cause you to be unable to attend the conference, please email [email protected]



Our aim as a conference is to educate youth and provide opportunities to develop essential skills such as public speaking and diplomacy. Hence, we are committed to ensuring every delegate is able to attend CAIMUN, regardless of his or her financial circumstances.

We are proud to provide need-based financial aid – based on a first-come, first-served basis – for two cases:

  1. Delegates who cannot afford the delegate fees;
  2. Sponsor Teachers whose school will not provide funding for their room costs.

Starting this year, we are implementing a new two-stage Financial Aid Protocol that aims to make it even easier for delegates to attend CAIMUN 2020. The two stages are outlined below:

Stage One: Fundraising

This stage begins before a delegation applies for financial aid from CAIMUN. We have a limited number of funds available for financial aid, and hopes to use said funds to help as many delegates as possible attend our conference. Hence, we request that all delegates with financial need attempt fundraising for their own costs before requesting financial aid from CAIMUN. We will gladly assist in any fundraising efforts.

If fundraising is considered absolutely impossible for the delegation – for example, the school’s administrators do not allow clubs to hold fundraisers – CAIMUN moves onto Stage Two of its Financial Aid Protocol, provided that we have received sufficient proof that fundraising is not a possibility for the delegation.

Stage 2: Direct Subsidies

To apply for financial aid, please fill out the Financial Aid Application and wait for a response before completing delegate registration. Those who apply for financial aid during Early Registration will still receive Early Registration benefits even past the deadline if they are accepted.

Our subsidies go up to 100% of the Regular Registration fee, dependent on need. Delegates may be asked to provide proof of his or her financial situation before being granted financial aid. CAIMUN will use a set criteria to determine the degree of financial aid awarded. Please keep in mind that CAIMUN does not subsidize travel costs to and from our venue in Vancouver for international/non-local delegates.

We hope that our two-stage financial aid policy will enable as many delegates as possible to attend CAIMUN, without a significant financial burden.

If you have any questions, please email Jasmine Lin, USG of Logistics at [email protected].

If you have already applied for and have been granted financial aid in the form of a subsidy, complete the delegate registration form, choose the "Delegate Payment (Financial Aid Granted)" option to avoid being redirected to the original payment form, paying through the customized payment form we have emailed you in the financial aid grant notification.

Financial Aid Application