Originally founded in 1949 as the Office of Latin American Education, the Organization of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) is an international group consisting of 23 Iberophone member states from numerous continents. At its core, OEI’s goals revolve around improving education, science, technology, and the arts among the member states. Expectedly, OEI has been crucial in promoting cultural and educational institutions.

The organization’s funding sources are primarily through obligatory quotas as well as voluntary funding by the nations. Established programmes seek to use the spread of education and culture as a means of promoting aspects including but not limited to human rights, democracy, and the Portuguese and Spanish languages.

OEI is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].


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Topic A

Technology in Latin America


Topic B

Equitable Access to Education


Matthew Chen

As a junior currently attending St. George’s School, Matthew is absolutely honoured to be serving as the Director of the OEI at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since his first MUN conference in Grade 8, he has been captivated by the world of MUN and all it has to offer, whether that be through the passionate speeches, the electrifying debate, or the late-night global crises. Outside of MUN, Matthew can be found playing table tennis, public speaking, attempting to learn two languages, and either studying politics or some sort of map. Matthew is excited to meet everyone and is looking forward to a weekend full of inspiring and fulfilling debate!


Angel Yuan

Angel is currently a junior at Crofton House School and in her fourth year of Model United Nations. She is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of OEI at CAIMUN 2020, the last major hotel conference of the MUN season. Ever since starting her Model UN journey in Grade 8, she has grown to love the sleepless nights and intense debate. She hopes to help delegates discover a new side of themselves just like Model UN has done for her. When not cramming for tests, Angel enjoys volunteering in her community, staying up late rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, and getting judged by friends for watching food ASMR. Angel cannot wait to meet all the delegates and wishes everyone the best of luck at CAIMUN 2020!