Unlike any other Model United Nations (MUN) experience, delegates of the International Press Corps will be representing different news agencies and writing articles that reflect their agency’s biases and writing styles. Reporters will have the chance to act as a third party in other committees to report on their progress, efficiency, and debate flow among other things.

Journalists have an array of techniques at their disposal to write the best articles: interviewing other delegates, participating in Q&As (both answering and asking questions), talking to committees about emerging crisis, and possibly even writing articles on IPC itself. Delegates who wish to join IPC should enjoy writing in general. Although being in IPC may seem like a lot of work, which it is, it is, nevertheless, an amazing experience.

IPC is a unique committee that offers an unconventional experience designed for experienced delegates and particularly those with strong writing skills.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].


Committee Guide will be available soon.


Committee Guide



Alex Moon

Alex is a senior student attending the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Port Moody Secondary. With an interest in global politics, history and debate, after attending his first conference in his Grade 10 year, Alex quickly became passionate about Model UN. His involvement in MUN has gained him valuable skills and friendships that he is greatly thankful for today. Outside of MUN and school, Alex can be found playing an instrument, working with humanitarian organizations, or playing tennis. During his free time, Alex watches movies and makes continuous changes to his playlists. Alex looks forward to serving as the Director of IPC and is thrilled to work with delegates at CAIMUN 2020.


Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline is currently embarking on her senior year at Little Flower Academy and is very excited to be serving as Chair in the International Press Corps at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since her very first Model United Nations conference in 2017, Jacqueline has been fascinated by the fast paced debates and realistic simulations of diplomacy. She hopes to create a welcoming and engaging atmosphere in IPC for returning delegates and beginners alike. Emphasizing that IPC is a very different MUN experience in comparison to other committees, Jacqueline implores all delegates to keep an open mind throughout their CAIMUN experience. Aside from Model UN, Jacqueline can be found involved in a number of school sports, teaching kids how to swim, volunteering with seniors and trying her very best to enjoy every moment of her last year in high school. Jacqueline wishes all delegates the best of luck at CAIMUN 2020.