The International Maritime Organization (IMO) was formed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1948, created to prevent maritime disasters such as the Sinking of the RMS Titanic. Commencing operations in 1958, its purpose is to improve safety and security at sea through international cooperation. As of 2020, the IMO consists of 174 member states and has worked with 63 intergovernmental organizations on issues regarding its mandate.

In response to growing concerns of matters regarding the sea, members of the IMO have moved to adopt international conventions to combat issues relating to shipping, which includes the environment, maritime security, and the wellbeing of seafarers. These treaties are part of the organization’s commitment to working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly the goals to promote decent work and economic growth, taking climate action, and protecting life below water.

IMO is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

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Topic A

The Smuggling of Illicit Drugs Across Maritime Borders


Topic B

Combating Pollution in International Waters


Kathy Wu

As a senior at Burnaby South Secondary School, Kathy is beyond elated to be serving as the Director of the International Maritime Organization at CAIMUN 2021. Ever since her first Model UN conference in the ninth grade, she has grown to appreciate the newfound passions, invaluable skills, and most importantly, the life-long friendships that formed. Thus, she wishes to create a conference experience of equal calibre for all delegates. Outside of Model UN, Kathy loves to argue about contemporary ethical dilemmas, competitively swim, play around with SFX video editing, and chase discs in Ultimate Frisbee. Kathy hopes that everyone will find this experience extremely rewarding and sincerely welcomes everyone to CAIMUN 2021!


Talia Feng

A junior attending Fraser Heights Secondary School, Talia is elated to be serving as the Chair of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) at this iteration of CAIMUN. She was introduced to Model UN three years ago, and have since become enraptured in the thrilling debate, fast-paced exchanges, and unrivaled collaboration it provided. Outside of Model UN, Talia can be found browsing edX for more courses she can procrastinate on, incessantly bugging her friends via Discord, and casually skimming Twitter drama. Amidst these “hobbies”, MUN stands out as a valuable experience for its educational nature. The experience Model UN proffers is truly remarkable, and Talia hopes to facilitate and encourage delegates to speak their mind and collaborate effectively.


Vivian Liang

Currently a senior at York House School, Vivian is delighted to be serving as the Chair of the International Maritime Organization. Although CAIMUN 2021 will mark the end of her high school Model UN career, the memories and friendships she has made will continue far into the future. Outside of MUN, Vivian can be found watching Netflix until early morning, baking up an explosion in her kitchen, and going off on long rants with her friends. Vivian is excited to meet all the delegates and looks forward to a weekend full of vivid debate.