The 3,000 year old Chinese civilization—for the first time in its history—may soon be on the brink of collapse. The newly elected Great Khan, Kublai, faces the challenge of leading the Mongol Empire against the most resisting Chinese armies to date. The Song Empire, on the other hand, is forced to mobilize its troops despite military corruption, internal political strife, and increasingly problematic peasant uprisings. The balance between civilization and barbarism in Asia is at stake.

The Historical Joint Crisis Committee is a committee like none other; run with a custom set of Rules of Procedure, the committee is divided into two separate blocs that are run independently, yet operate on the same timeline and debate the same issue. The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the Joint Crisis Committee ensures that all delegates will never know what to expect next. Diplomacy, compromise, decisiveness, and even some clandestinity will be imperative for success in the battle of wits that is the Historical Joint Crisis Committee.

Being an advanced crisis committee, HJCC is a joint-crisis simulation that offers a unique experience designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

For overall committee inquiries, please contact [email protected]. Please submit any bloc-specific inquiries and position papers via [email protected] for the Chinese bloc and [email protected] for the Mongol bloc.


Backgrounders will be available soon.


Topic A

The Mongol Conquest of Song (1235–79)


Crisis Rules of Procedure



Tiara Safaei

Currently a senior at Crofton House School, Tiara is honoured to serve as the Director of Historical Joint Crisis Committee at CAIMUN 2020. Since reluctantly participating in her first MUN conference in grade 8, Tiara has come to appreciate the invaluable learning platform and collaborative environment that Model UN provides. Though she has since delegated and staffed in many different committees, Tiara has a soft spot for the fast-paced and secretive environment that distinguishes crisis committees. In her time not occupied by Model UN or school, Tiara can be found abandoning engineering projects, spending unreasonable amounts of money on escape rooms, or playing with her cat. She is looking forward to a weekend of discussion at CAIMUN and hopes to make this experience memorable for all delegates!


Audrea Wang
Bloc Director

Audrea Wang is currently a senior at Port Moody Secondary and is honoured to be serving as Bloc Director of HJCC at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since her first conference in Grade 9, Audrea was immediately drawn to the world of Model United Nations by the fiery discussions about international affairs and the drafting of potential solutions to real-world problems. Over the span of hundreds of speeches and numerous conferences, Audrea has now come to gain not only invaluable public speaking and critical thinking skills, but also a global mindset that has broadened her perspective of the world. Outside of Model United Nations, Audrea can be found participating in local debate tournaments, adjusting her cello strap, or attempting to read all the books she bought on a whim. She looks forward to a successful CAIMUN 2020!


Jonah Ezekiel
Bloc Director

Currently a junior at St. George’s School, Jonah has been participating in MUN since grade 8. Although he may not have raised his placard once at his first conference, he has come to love the activity for its unique ability to be so exciting and meaningful at the same time. When not involved with MUN, Jonah can be found 3D printing stuff, experimenting with authentic Asian food, or playing basketball, even though he knows he will never make the team. As this special weekend approaches, Jonah looks forward to helping delegates gain a sense of global awareness, confidence, and connections, in what is surely one of the most riveting committees CAIMUN has to offer.


Cameron Brawn

Cameron is a senior attending Richmond Christian Secondary School and is honoured to be serving as a Chair in the Historical Joint Crisis Committee. His Model UN journey began in Grade 9, where he became intrigued by the engaging discussions and political debate evident within each committee session. Since then, he has delegated and staffed at numerous conferences spanning across the Lower Mainland. Cameron continues to be captivated by the MUN community and its ability to bring together individuals from various backgrounds leading to lasting friendships. Outside of MUN, Cameron can be found endlessly scrolling through 80's Spotify playlists, attempting to learn Tolkien elvish, and ranting about Star Wars.


Peter Zhang

Peter is a junior at St. George’s School and is absolutely thrilled to serve as the Bloc 2 Chair of the HJCC! This is his third year of MUN and he has grown to love his experiences at each conference. He thoroughly enjoys the dynamic world of politics and international law, and this has drawn him to both MUN and debate. When not immersed in those two activities, he can be found swimming, watching obscure Netflix shows, exploring the diverse dining options in Vancouver, or buying "cheap" books at Costco to add to his shelf. He is excited to meet everyone at CAIMUN 2020!


Adam Dawood

Currently in Grade 10 at West Point Grey Academy, Adam is proud to serve as your chair for HJCC this year at CAIMUN 2020. Since his first MUN conference in Grade 7, he has grown to love the intense discussion and debate present in every committee session. Since then, Adam has participated in MUN conferences from around North America, which has opened his eyes to the fascinating world of international politics and improved his public speaking. Outside of MUN, he can be found debating, programming robots, playing basketball, and sleeping until noon. Adam hopes to make CAIMUN a memorable conference and looks forward to meeting everyone at the conference!


Emma Miao

Currently in grade 10 at West Point Grey Academy, Emma is thrilled to be chairing HJCC Bloc 2 at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since she stepped into her first conference room three years ago, she has been entranced by the pragmatic debate and diplomatic nature of Model United Nations. Attending MUN conferences has not only allowed her to gain knowledge about complex global issues, but also has introduced her to an incredible community of intelligent, outspoken people, some of whom are her closest friends. In her spare time, Emma enjoys reading the New York Times, rewatching Sherlock, and swimming. She is looking forward to meeting all delegates in May.