The Group of 20 (G20) is an international economic forum established in 1999 comprising of 19 nations and the European Union, holding its summit at a time of global economic instability. Ever since its first summit in Berlin, the G20 has strived to create unilateral commitments to address economic emergencies such as the 2008 financial crisis and the Coronavirus recession of 2020. The G20 has also taken measures to combat financial crimes, promote international trade, and invest in emerging economies in the developing world.

As the G20 represents around 85% of the world’s GDP and two-thirds of its population, the organization’s actions have significantly impacted the global economic order. The G20 has expanded its agenda to include issues surrounding environment, gender equality, and human development and respond to geopolitical crises like the Russian invasion of Crimea and the Syrian Civil War.

G20 is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

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Topic A

Adapting Economically Sustainable Climate Change Policy


Topic B

The Collapse of the Venezuelan Economy (Crisis)


Andrew Liu

Currently a junior at St. George’s School, Andrew is honoured to serve as the Director of the G20 at CAIMUN 2021. Since participating in his first committee session in grade 9, Andrew has come to appreciate the dynamic and stimulating environment that Model UN fosters. He continues to marvel at how MUN pushes delegates to think in new ways to solve some of the world’s most pressing issues diplomatically—an experience that he hopes to create in the G20 this year. Apart from pouring over backgrounders and research material, he can be caught hiking in regional parks around Vancouver, catching the 7 pm Canucks game, and diving into a new novel. Andrew looks forward to a weekend filled with gripping debate and discussion and hopes to create an exceptional experience for everyone at CAIMUN 2021!


Joshua Dar Santos

In his junior year at St. George’s School, Joshua is elated to serve as Chair of the G20 at CAIMUN 2021. In his fourth year of Model UN, Joshua has grown to enjoy the debate and compromise that are integral parts of the Model UN experience. Joshua likes to immerse himself in global politics and diplomacy and seeks to gain as much knowledge of the world as possible. Model UN has given Joshua some of the most outstanding memories in his ongoing high school experience, and he hopes that you will make your own in this committee. Outside of the conference room, Joshua can often be found ranting about the current situation of the Vancouver Canucks while staying cautiously optimistic about their future. Joshua looks forward to a marvelous weekend filled with heated debate and compromise and wishes you all the best at CAIMUN 2021.


Megan Wang

Currently in her junior year at Lord Byng Secondary School, Megan is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of the Group of Twenty (G20) Committee at CAIMUN 2021. Ever since she attended her first conference as a timid grade nine, Megan’s passion for Model UN exponentially increased to the point where she cannot imagine her high school career without Model UN. Model UN gave Megan the opportunity to learn more about global affairs, overcome her fear of public speaking, and form long-lasting friendships. Outside of the committee room, Megan can be found playing the violin out of tune, painstakingly creating aesthetic notes, and failing to overcome her longtime bubble tea addiction. Megan is beyond excited to welcome delegates to CAIMUN 2021 and looks extremely forward to a weekend of fiery debate!