The Disarmament and International Security Committee (DISEC) is the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly and the main organ of the United Nations. Its purpose, as outlined under Chapter IV of the United Nations Charter, is to uphold general principles of cooperation in the maintenance of international peace. More specifically, DISEC oversees international disarmament, the regulation of arms, and any other issues regarding international security.

While the First Committee centers on an extensive number of topics, its mandate focuses primarily on the resolution of conflict and threats to security while maintaining international stability and peace. DISEC cannot enforce any legally binding decisions, nor can it directly intervene in situations of conflict; therefore, member states must collaborate closely in order to draft peace treaties, establish cooperative arrangements, and make recommendations to solve the issues on its agenda.

DISEC is a beginner committee that offers the traditional Model UN experience for all delegates alike.

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Topic A

Interventions in Foreign Warfare


Topic B

Threats to Global Energy Security


Nikolas Michael

A 12th grade student at Sutherland Secondary, Nikolas is delighted to serve as Director of the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Since his first conference more than two years ago, Nikolas has found that his passion for the diplomatic process only grows more intense with each committee session. When not grasping for his placard, Nikolas can be found reading history, attending climate strikes, and learning to code. He is confident that all delegates will leave CAIMUN’s finest iteration with his same profound love for Model UN.


Carol Lu

Carol is a senior at Crofton House School and is elated to be serving as the Chair of the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Saddened that CAIMUN will be her very last conference, she has loved every single sleepless conference she has attended and wishes all delegates an equally enjoyable experience. Outside the world of MUN, Carol can be found studying at a bubble tea shop until its closing time, adding new finds to her Spotify playlists, or taking accidental naps at home. Carol is excited to welcome delegates to CAIMUN 2020 and looks forward to hearing the dynamic debate.


Nick Liu

Currently a junior at Fraser Heights Secondary, Nick Liu is exhilarated to serve as a Chair of DISEC at CAIMUN 2020. Ever since walking into his first conference having done up both buttons on his oversized blazer, he has fallen in love with the impactful debate and heated discourse that only MUN can offer. However, even the high caliber of debate cannot compare to the countless close friends and invaluable experiences that will last far beyond each conference. Outside of MUN, Nick can often be found contemplating moral dilemmas, searching for quirky Spotify playlists, and trying new food. Nick is thrilled to meet and hear every delegate express themselves and hopes CAIMUN 2020 will be a weekend to remember.