As the Roman Republic grows stronger and more militant under proconsul Julius Caesar's rule, the Gallic tribes are faced with their most existential threat yet. With military campaigns decimating entire armies at an increasingly swift rate, the invasion by the Romans will either become the ultimate force that unites the Gallic tribes towards a common defence effort, or divides them before collaboration and cooperation takes place. As each tribe gains increasing levels of control over armies, resources, and intelligence during these progressively desperate times, the fate of the Gallic tribes lies in the delegates’ strategies and decisions.

Cabinet is a crisis committee that offers a unique experience designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

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Topic A

Gallic Wars (58–50 BC)


Natalie Leong

Natalie is a grade 12 student attending Crofton House School who is honoured and excited to serve as the Director of CAIMUN 2020’s Cabinet committee. Natalie was introduced to the world of MUN as a shy grade 8, where she met some of her best friends to date. Now, after four years of improvement, she has developed into a more confident student. She hopes to inspire delegates with her passion for MUN (she also hopes that her delegates will have fun). In her free time, she can be found singing in choirs or camping with the Scouts around a campfire. She can also be found pursuing the veterinary profession: saving animals is her purpose, no question. She looks forward to meeting everyone, and making this (her last conference) a memorable one.


Vincent Gao

Vincent Gao is beyond excited to be serving as a Chair in the Cabinet Committee at CAIMUN 2020. Having attended his first official Model UN conference not long ago, Vincent has not regretted discussing policy in committee sessions since. Aside from Model UN, you can find Vincent consuming every morsel of food that exists in Greater Vancouver, overheating profusely in business attire while debating competitively at various tournaments, injuring himself playing sports, or having a laugh with some of his closest friends. Vincent also enjoys the use of big vocabulary to seem intelligent while communicating with peers (and encourages others to utilize this technique as well). Overall, he is looking forward to an eventful weekend, packed with productive debate. He hopes to meet as many people as he can!


Andrew Jang

Andrew is a grade 12 student at Stratford Hall School and is elated to have the opportunity to be serving as chair in the Cabinet at CAIMUN 2020. After being peer pressured to join Model UN not long ago, Andrew has learned to love the dynamic debate, intriguing resolutions and strong network of brilliant delegates it has to offer. He attributes his passion for global affairs and the countless friendships with brilliant delegates to the jam-packed days of discussion and long nights of research MUN calls for. Outside of MUN, Andrew can be found drowning in the IB program, scrolling through Subtle Asian Traits or taking days, if not months, to decide his next big purchase. Andrew looks forward to meeting everyone and wishes all delegates the best of luck in their preparations.