The founding of the British House of Commons dates back to as early as the Parliament of England in 1215. Since its creation, the legislature has evolved drastically throughout the past eight centuries. Today, it acts as the lower house of the British Parliament, performing duties such as scrutinizing the government during question period, funding for (and pulling funding from) civil agencies, and most importantly, passing legislation concerning nearly all facets of British politics. The performance of a pinnacle parliamentary democracy is on full display in the British House of Commons.

Unlike the typical MUN committee, the British House of Commons will pursue a distinct set of rules of procedures. With the intent of representing the real life British House of Commons, delegates are expected to engage in party politics, take part in questioning periods, and perform all expected duties of an MP.

BP is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].


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Topic A

Immigration and Refugee Reform


Rules of Procedure

Standing Orders Guide

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Mikael Borres

Mikael is currently a Grade 11 student at Burnaby North Secondary School and is thrilled to be the Speaker of the British Parliament at CAIMUN 2020. After his first conference full of fiery debate and heartfelt comradery, Mikael was determined to pursue his passion for international diplomacy and share it with other like-minded individuals. Outside of committee rooms, he takes his free time cooking new recipes with his family and friends, reading political memoirs and biographies, and taking attentive for his pets. As an avid spectator of British politics himself, Mikael hopes that your experience at CAIMUN 2020 will be exhilarating and unique.


Ethan Jasny

Currently a grade 11 student at West Point Grey Academy, Ethan is delighted to be serving as a Clerk on the British Parliament at CAIMUN 2020. With a great love for British politics and culture, he can’t wait to explore the interesting traditions and procedures of parliament with delegates. Outside of MUN, Ethan enjoys debating, hiking, watching Netflix, and playing the bass guitar. He looks forward to a weekend of spirited debate and an exploration of the intricacies surrounding British Parliament. He also encourages delegates to look up “John Bercow’s greatest moments” in preparation for the conference. Ethan is eager to meet you all!


Mia Tsao

Currently in Grade 10 at Crofton House School, Mia is delighted to be serving as the clerk of the British Parliament. Since her very first conference Mia’s passion for politics and international affairs has only grown, as she is captivated time and time again by the intense debate that committee sessions foster. As someone only recently transitioning into a staff member, Mia hopes to be the bridge that encourages positive interactions between the dais and delegates. Outside of MUN Mia enjoys discovering new restaurants, volunteering at local non profits, binge watching “The Joy of Painting", and spending quality time with friends. She hopes to create an enjoyable learning experience, and wishes the best of luck to all delegates attending CAIMUN 2020!


Naiomi Chin

Naiomi Chin is currently a junior at Richmond Christian School and is thrilled to serve as the Clerk of British Parliament at CAIMUN 2020. Upon attending her first Model UN conference a little over a year ago, Naiomi has become enthralled by the fast-paced discussion and outlandish solutions and hopes to replicate this experience for the delegates of BP. Aside from raising her placard, Naiomi can be found sampling new desserts, curating playlists at local cafés, and exploring the city with friends. Naiomi welcomes everyone to the British Parliament and hopes delegates will leave with memories to last a lifetime.