The African Union (AU) was formally established on May 26, 2002, with the intention of fostering intracontinental peace and regional security among participating nations. Moreover, with the African Standby Force (ASF) peacekeeping force at its disposal, the African Union uniquely reserves the right to intervene in the local affairs. Historically, the African Union has utilized military force during dire situations in which genocide and crimes against humanity have been committed.

As a diplomatic link between its 55 member states, the African Union has actively facilitated cooperation and unity among African nations. Since its inception, the African Union has played an integral role in the continent’s local affairs, ranging from minimising conflicts and resolving post-election violence to forcing military coup-makers to hand back power to civilian regimes. At present, this committee serves as a forum for discussion, reconvening semi-annually to discuss relevant controversies and conflicts that plague the continent.

AU is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].



Topic A

Democratization in Africa


Topic B

Development of Clean Energy


Emma-Jane Burns

Emma-Jane is delighted to serve as the Director of the African Union for the 2020 iteration of CAIMUN. Currently a sophomore at York House, Emma has been captivated by Model UN and debate since 2016. Emma-Jane likes to challenge set ideas and opinions, engage with different people, and see the world from many perspectives. Above all, Emma constantly loves to question her own opinions, be flexible, and learn something new from others. Emma-Jane encourages delegates to engage in successful and respectful discourse at CAIMUN 2020. Outside of MUN Emma loves to play field hockey and spend time by the beach, no matter the season. Emma looks forward to meeting you all; please feel free to contact her if any questions arise.


Deborah Wong

Currently in her senior year at Little Flower Academy, Deborah is elated to be serving as your chair for the African Union. Originally joining her school’s Model UN club two years ago as an excuse to go on international trips with her peers, Deborah is incredibly grateful for the unexpected memories and friendships that have formed as a result of attending numerous conferences. Outside of the committee room, she can be found taking four hour long naps, complaining about the rigor of Calculus AB, or trying to get on the For You page of TikTok with her friends. Deborah hopes that all delegates, regardless of prior Model UN experience, seek to improve their ability to improvise, think critically, and consider perspectives unlike their own. More importantly, she eagerly awaits your presence at CAIMUN 2020!