“Because if you didn't speak your truth, there was always something that would speak it for you that much louder.”

- Pat Cadigan, Synners

The year is 2200, with only ten nations surviving the last war. The existential threat of climate change has ravaged biodiversity on Earth, forcing the empires to initiate their century-long space settlement mission-one sharing the ultimate goal of colonizing the closest star system, Alpha Centauri. While the human race may have survived, civilization has plunged into the unknown. Delegates will be faced with the tasks of spreading civilization in outer space, protecting human populations from extraterrestrial threats, and deciding whether to coexist with fellow civilizations or emerge as the sole galactical power.

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Topic A

Colonization of Alpha Centauri


Steven Long

Currently in Grade 12 at St. George’s School, Steven is excited to be serving as the Director of the Alpha Centauri Crisis. This will be Steven’s 6th year in MUN and his 2nd CAIMUN. Besides MUN, Steven enjoys attempting to keep up with work on Capitol Hill, trying to convince his Latin teacher that he’s at a collegiate level, watching oriental animated television shows, and taking long walks on sunlit Mediterranean beaches. He looks forward to a weekend of inspiring resolutions and fierce Interstellar debate!


Stephanie Chang

Stephanie Chang is a senior at Richmond Christian Secondary School and delighted to serve as Chair for Alpha Centauri at CAIMUN 2020. Now in her fourth year of MUN, she has relished her past committee experiences, ever eager to discover more about the world of international relations and diplomacy. When not aggressively smacking the gavel, she writes poetry, reads literary magazines, competes at debate tournaments, cooks vegetarian meals, plays RPG video games, and engages in poly-phasic sleeping. Stephanie is excited to see thrilling debate unfold and cannot wait to meet everyone, regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran delegate!


Vivian Gu

Currently, Vivian is a junior studying at Crofton House School; this year will mark her fourth year in Model United Nations. In her spare time, she enjoys binging various Netflix shows, trying new bubble tea and dessert shops, and aspiring to learn about the world through traveling. She is beyond ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of Alpha Centauri and getting to employ her expertise on horoscopes, as learned through CoStar. Vivian looks forward to meeting everyone and making CAIMUN 2020 an unforgettable weekend!