World Health Organization

Committee Description

The World Health Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations with a focus on international public health. The committee is comprised of the 193 member states of the United Nations and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The WHO’s initiatives consist of the World Health Report, the World Health Survey, and World Health Day. Since being established in 1948, WHO has played a large role in the eradication of smallpox, and its main current objectives include dealing with issues regarding communicable diseases, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, ageing, and substance abuse.

WHO is a beginner committee. Delegates of any skill level with interest may apply to this committee.

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Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to WHO to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Noncommunicable Diseases (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: Health Care in the Syrian Republic (View Backgrounder)

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Megan Syho
Currently a Grade 11 student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Megan is absolutely thrilled to be serving as the Director of WHO. Ever since her first conference, Megan has fallen in love with the professionalism and unique environment that Model UN provides. From the heated debates to the numerous friendships made, she is hoping to aid delegates in forging new perspectives and in opening dialogue to constructive solutions concerning global issues. When not dressed in western business attire, Megan can probably be found running track & field, playing badminton, or simply scrolling through the internet. Megan looks forward to creating a memorable experience for all delegates at CAIMUN 2018!

Justin Del Negro
A junior at St. George’s School, Justin has been involved in Model UN since grade 9 and has since developed a passion for debate, politics and international policy. Justin fondly remembers his first experience as a delegate, enthralled by the public speaking ability, charisma and knowledge of his fellow delegates. Outside of Model UN, Justin is a competitive soccer player with a love for hiking, canoeing, rock-climbing and camping in beautiful British Columbia. Justin is incredibly excited to be staffing at CAIMUN 2018 and looks forward to a weekend full of memorable debate, laughter and diplomacy.