Established in 1948 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency consisting of 194 member states in the United Nations. The organization operates as the international health authority and seeks to provide a better, healthier future for people all across the globe. The WHO, a member of the United Nations Development Group works closely with the UN to assist its Member States with their national policies and health objectives. Furthermore, there is frequent collaboration and communication between the WHO and the UN, to ensure health is a focus within UN intergovernmental bodies, as well as provide leadership in health-specific humanitarian endeavours.

Functioning under the broad mandate to promote people’s obtainment of the highest quality of health, the WHO’s current initiatives comprise of six leadership priorities: (1) achieving universal health coverage, (2) developing global health regulations, (3) increasing access to medical products, (4) addressing factors that contribute to health, such as social, economic and environmental issues, (5) responding to noncommunicable diseases and (5) promoting public health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a beginner committee that offers the traditional Model UN experience for all delegates alike.

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Quality of Health Services in Conflict Zones



Addressing Neglected Tropical Diseases


Sameer Esmail

Sameer is a Senior at Burnaby Mountain Secondary School and is excited to serve as the Director of the World Health Organization at CAIMUN 2019. Sameer began his experience with MUN in Grade 9, drawn by his passion for international affairs, geography, and politics. Since then, Sameer has delegated, chaired, and directed at numerous conferences in Vancouver and New York. Sameer also serves as the President of the Burnaby District Student Advisory Council. Sameer is heavily involved in local political campaigns and numerous humanitarian causes, including a recent service trip to Ecuador. In his free time, Sameer can be found watching Netflix or travel planning. Sameer wishes the best of luck to all the delegates at CAIMUN and looks forward to meeting them this Spring!


Cathy Hu

Cathy is a Grade 11 student at Fraser Heights Secondary School and is ecstatic to serve as the chair of WHO at CAIMUN 2019. After her reluctant entrance into the world of MUN in Grade 9, Cathy's passion for diplomacy has been kindled by the innumerable conferences she has participated in. In her spare time - which is minimal due to her constant struggle in understanding the world of math - Cathy can be found travelling, eating, watching every Netflix and anime show, or indulging in poetry. Cathy is looking forward to meeting everyone and creating an unforgettable weekend together. Best of luck to all delegates!


Isaac Chung

Isaac is a senior at Richmond Christian Secondary School and is elated to be serving as the Chair of the World Health Organization at CAIMUN 2019. Since his first conference, Isaac has been captivated by intense discussions and international relations, developing a strong passion for MUN. Outside of committee session, Isaac can be found working with children at his local community centre, catching up on Kdramas, indulging in a plethora of cuisines, and playing basketball. Isaac hopes to create a memorable and wonderful experience for all delegates at CAIMUN 2019!