World Cities Summmit

Committee Description

Forty cities meet at the World Cities Summit every two years to discuss topics ranging from urban development to sustainable living. This year, as heads of their respective cities, delegates are tasked with addressing the many facets of urban infrastructure and the rise of megacities on the international stage. As representatives of some of the most influential locales in the world, their actions will determine whether existing global hubs crumble under the pressures of urbanization or flourish and adapt to become enduring centers of civilization.

The rise of globalization has affected the makeup and structure of cities as human dwellings in a profound way, and it is up to delegates to tackle these challenges and many others as representatives of the World Cities Summit.

The World Cities Summit is an intermediate committee. Delegates with some experience in MUN are preferred, although anybody with ability and interest may be chosen for this committee.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to World Cities Summit to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Liveability and Sustainability (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: Urban Crime in Cities (View Backgrounder)


Suzanne Pang
​Suzanne is a Grade 12 student at Little Flower Academy and is delighted to be serving as your director for CAIMUN 2017. After attending her first conference in Grade 10, Suzanne found her passion for MUN immediately as it allowed her to gain a more insightful understanding of international news and rediscover her love for public speaking. Outside of MUN, Suzanne is an avid foodie, amateur photographer and dedicated artist. Her interests include finding the best ice cream in Vancouver, traveling, and watching cooking videos. As this is her first time at CAIMUN, Suzanne is excited to see what it will bring and wishes all delegates the best of luck!

Alex Han
Alex is currently a Grade 10 student attending Port Moody Secondary School. After being introduced to MUN in Grade 9, Alex was instantly hooked by the heated debate and extensive research aspect of MUN. With a strong passion for architecture and environmental issues, Alex is excited to serve as Chair for the World Cities Summit. Outside of his involvement in MUN, Alex spends his time playing volleyball, watching Haikyu, preparing debate cases, listening to music, designing different buildings in AutoCAD, and visiting art shows. Alex is exhilarated to witness the intense debate and creative ideas brought forth by each delegate!