The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the chief international institution responsible for the “maintenance of international peace and security”. Established in 1945 by the United Nations Charter, the Council is widely regarded as the only institutional source of binding international law.

The UNSC consists of fifteen members, five of which are permanent while ten are temporary. The permanent members are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The current temporary members are Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, South Africa, Kuwait, Indonesia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Germany, Belgium, and Poland.

To accomplish its mission of global peace and security, the Council is tasked with monumental powers and responsibilities. It directs UN Peacekeeping Operations to maintain regional stability. It imposes UN sanctions on those who violate international law. Moreover, it utilizes military force when the last resort becomes necessary. Unfortunately, however, the Cold War era and its political tensions gave the UNSC a reputation unacceptable to many. A reputation worsened by crises such as the Rwandan Genocide. A reputation whose restoration is a top priority for all governments today.

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is an advanced committee designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

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Topic A

Enforcing the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in Syria

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Topic B

Yemen Civil War

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Logan Wang

Logan is a junior at St. Michaels University School who grew up in Beijing and has lived in Canada since freshman year. He is interested in government affairs & international security, and has participated in fourteen Model UN conferences including eight crisis committees. Logan plays rugby and manages the junior boys soccer team for St. Michaels. He is also a guitar player in concert and jazz bands. Logan is very excited for CAIMUN 2019 and looks forward to meeting everyone.


Tamerlan Nuhiyev

A senior attending Port Moody Secondary School, Tamerlan Nuhiyev is honoured and excited to serve as the Chair of the United Nations Security Council at CAIMUN 2019. Due to his unrelenting love of history, international law and global affairs, Tamerlan fit right into Model United Nations in his Grade 9 year. Through Model United Nations, Tamerlan has grown in both leadership ability and knowledge of the world around him. Tamerlan hopes to share this love of global affairs with the delegates who will be delegating in the United Nations Security Council Committee. Tamerlan can also be found serving in various non-profit organizations, attending university global affairs seminars, and attending municipal government debates. Tamerlan also has a passion for cooking, making sure to cook a new challenging dish every week. Tamerlan has high hopes for CAIMUN 2019 and firmly believes that it will be an amazing experience for both himself and delegates of all backgrounds.