United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Committee Description

Fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime was created to better regulate the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs across international borders, as well as greater crime prevention, improved criminal justice, prevention of international terrorism and political corruption.

Each year, the World Drug Report helps the UNODC and its member states track and enhance the awareness on drug regulation through data reports and estimated figures. In addition, the UNODC has launched several campaigns such as “Think AIDS”, “Do drugs control your life”, and many others to recognize and inform the international community of different topics relating around drugs and crime. The committee will surely offer delegates with an array of issues that explore different aspects monitored by the UNODC.

The UNODC is a beginner committee. Delegates of any skill level with interest may apply to this committee.

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Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Fentanyl Crisis

Topic B: Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

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