United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Committee Description

Fifth Committee of the UN General Assembly

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime was created to better regulate the trafficking and abuse of illicit drugs across international borders, as well as greater crime prevention, improved criminal justice, prevention of international terrorism and political corruption.

Each year, the World Drug Report helps the UNODC and its member states track and enhance the awareness on drug regulation through data reports and estimated figures. In addition, the UNODC has launched several campaigns such as “Think AIDS”, “Do drugs control your life”, and many others to recognize and inform the international community of different topics relating around drugs and crime. The committee will surely offer delegates with an array of issues that explore different aspects monitored by the UNODC.

The UNODC is a beginner committee. Delegates of any skill level with interest may apply to this committee.

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Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: The Fentanyl Crisis

Topic B: Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism

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Dillon Ramlochun
​Dillon is currently a senior at St. George’s School. Ever since his first introduction to MUN five years ago, Dillon’s interest in international relations and politics has grown and flourished through the intense debate and diplomacy that occurs at MUN conferences. Outside of MUN, Dillon enjoys taking the weights for a spin, hauling fish from the deep, and watching basketball. He is also known to trust the process, whatever that means. Excited and honoured to be staffing at his first ever CAIMUN, Dillon is looking forward to the debate, and hoping to help create a memorable experience for all delegates.

Sameer Esmail
Sameer is a Grade 11 student currently attending Burnaby Mountain Secondary and is excited to serve as one of the chairs of UNODC at CAIMUN 2018. Drawn by a passion for global affairs and politics, Sameer began his Model United Nations career in Grade 9. Outside of the world of Model UN, Sameer is involved in his school’s student government and numerous student advocacy organizations. Sameer cannot wait to meet the delegates at the conference this coming spring, and he hopes that each of them finds a chance to develop their skills in problem solving and teamwork. Sameer wishes the best of luck to all the delegates participating in CAIMUN 2018.

Celina Chen
Finally in her last year of high school, Celina is beyond excited to be both graduating soon, and staffing one final time at CAIMUN 2018. She strongly believes that Model UN is an amazing opportunity for aspiring youth to delve deeper into pressing global matters, polish up on public speaking skills and to network with like-minded individuals. And so, Celina is constantly pushing her friends to attend, with the hopes that they too, will come to love MUN the way she does. When she isn’t busy pretending to do work, you can find her binging We Bare Bears, on a long rant with a friend, or very, very, very rarely, sleeping at a reasonable time of night.

Kevin Wang
A grade 11 student attending Fraser Heights Secondary, Kevin is honoured to be Chairing UNODC at CAIMUN this year. Since his introduction to Model UN, he’s been truly captivated by the extent of political engagement and proficiency in debate; each conference has become something to look forward to months beforehand. When Kevin’s not walking around a conference in formalwear, he can be found exploring Vancouver’s culinary offerings, failing to correctly analyze the stock markets, reading up on current events, crying over math, or simply procrastinating by re-watching episodes of his favorite TV shows. Kevin can’t wait to meet all the delegates and hopes that CAIMUN will yield a fruitful experience!