In the shocking wake of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s death, Harry S. Truman, consoling the widowed Eleanor Roosevelt, asked “Is there anything I can do for you?” and with clarity, she responded, “Is there anything we can do for you? For you are the one in trouble now.”

Truman’s Cabinet was thrust into turbulent times, the climax of World War Two, the weaponization of atomic power, and the destructive, impending communist threat that was the Soviet Union. Despite this, Truman’s Cabinet remained level-headed, unperturbed by the chaos surrounding them, and tackled the issues head-on. Making many controversial decisions, Truman lost support of the public and resigned with a crushingly low job approval rating, a depressing ending to the legacy of Truman. As members of Truman’s Cabinet, however, you will have the opportunity to redeem the mistakes made by the former cabinet – crushing Soviet threats wherever they may arise, utilizing the post-war economic boom, and maintaining the idea that the United States, is, and always will be, the greatest country in the world.

The Truman’s Cabinet is a crisis committee that offers a unique experience designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].




Truman’s Cabinet


Alexander Yoshino

Entering his first year of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, Alex is beyond thrilled to serve as the Director of Truman's Cabinet. Through countless moderated caucuses, sleepless, caffeine-filled nights, and the backstabbing and betrayal that is resolution paper writing, Alex’s love for Model United Nations has flourished over the past seven years. Although he previously stated that CAIMUN 2018 would be his final conference, post-MUN melancholy has fully settled in, and Alex is excited to delve back into the wonderful world of Model UN. On the weekend — or when procrastinating — Alex can be found summiting Mount Fuji, experimenting with homemade hot pot recipes, and proving that he will never make it to Diamond in League of Legends. Alex is beside himself in anticipation for the rollercoaster ride that Truman’s Cabinet is bound to be.


Sarah Buddhason

A senior at Moscrop Secondary School’s French Immersion Program, Sarah is honoured to serve as the Chair for Truman’s Cabinet at CAIMUN 2019. Having been both a delegate and a staff member over the span of fourteen conferences, she has grown to love the intensity of debate and the cooperation needed to resolve pressing global issues. From the late-night resolution paper edits to the nostalgia that comes early Sunday morning, Model UN is more than just an extracurricular for her — it is an invaluable and defining aspect of her life. When not behind the dais table, Sarah can be found testing her spice tolerance at various hot pot restaurants, clarifying what her ethnicity is, and vehemently defending “waterbending” as the superior Avatar elemental ability. Sarah is in a sleep-deprived state of excitement for a weekend of diplomacy, and is confident that CAIMUN 2019 will be a memorable experience for all delegates!


Allan Lee

As he enters his final year of high school, Allan is incredibly ecstatic to serve as the Chair of Truman's Cabinet at CAIMUN 2019. Though he was skeptical about MUN at first in Grade 8, Allan quickly developed a passion for this activity over the numerous conferences he attended. MUN serves as not only an opportunity to learn about issues of the world and a means to sharpen one's public speaking skills, but also a wonderous way to meet new people from all corners of the world, and Allan has no doubts that CAIMUN 2019 will be the same. In his spare time, Allan enjoys online shopping, singing Cantonese songs in his basement, and watching the Office. Allan looks forward to meeting everyone at CAIMUN 2019 and wishes all participants the best experience possible.