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Historical US Cabinet - The Cabinet of Ronald Reagan

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Assembled in the midst of the Cold War following a landslide presidential victory, the Cabinet of Ronald Reagan was responsible for answering to some of the most imminent threats facing the United States in the 1980s. Made up of President Reagan’s closest advisers, confidantes, and colleagues – this powerful group worked tirelessly to advance the resolutely anti-communist Reagan Doctrine over the course of two presidential terms.

Whether or not citizens liked it, the Reagan administration got a lot done. At home, ’Reaganomics’ defined an entire decade of American economic growth, immigration reforms had to be made, and the endemic drug use sweeping the nation had to be stopped. Beyond American borders, this administration had to grapple with rising socialism in Latin America and Afghanistan, nuclear arms proliferation in the USSR, and America’s first overseas military invasion following the end of the Vietnam War. No matter the cost – dealmaking with rogue regimes and aiding violent paramilitary groups – this administration had to break the conventions of American diplomacy to get the job done.

Mistakes were made, cabinet members resigned in disgrace. But that was the first time around. As a member of Reagan’s cabinet, your job won’t be easy: advance your president’s doctrine at home and abroad, use whatever means are necessary, and this time – leave a legacy to be revered.

The Cabinet of Ronald Reagan is an advanced committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

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Topic: Ronald Reagan's Cabinet, 1983

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