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North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the world’s largest and most powerful political and military alliance. It consists of members from predominantly Western-European states and the two North American powers of Canada and the United States. Its founding ideal was to protect the security and freedoms of the Western Nations, by inhibiting the Soviet military aggression. An attack on a single member of the organization is the equivalent of an attack on all NATO member states.

July 16th, 2016. Ankara is a war-zone between the Turkish government and military when an attempted coup threatens the security of the country. Although in reality the government suppressed the coup attempt, the possibility of Civil War was far too real. In this crisis, countries of NATO, allies of Turkey, shall attempt to stabilize the country and safeguard it from any power wishing to benefit from the Turkish turmoil. Being the bridge between Europe and Asia, Turkey has a history of fighting invaders from both sides. However, this crisis shall test its capability of fighting itself.

NATO is an advanced committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to NATO to [email protected].

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Emad Saberi
As a senior IB student at port moody secondary, Emad is honored to direct the North Atlantic Treaty Organization - Crisis Edition, at CAIMUN 2017. As an extremely enthusiastic crisis supporter, Emad has spent a great deal of his MUN life writing crisis directives and, unlike general assemblies, actually getting things done. His love for crises stems from his current crisis of managing too many extracurriculars while trying to be physically and socially active through mountain biking, volunteering at fitness centers and nonprofit schools, playing the se-tar, and making sandwiches for money. Emad is thrilled to finish his third and final year in high school MUN with a bang and can't wait to convert all delegates to crises!

Alice Li
Alice Li is a twelfth-grade student currently attending Fraser Heights Secondary School. Introduced to the world of Model United Nations early in high school, Alice immediately enjoyed attending conferences and meeting new people. Through MUN, Alice has gained a much deeper and more insightful understanding of world issues, diplomacy, and foreign affairs. Outside of MUN and public speaking, Alice is an avid volunteer, and enjoys drawing, learning about science, and reading. She is delighted to be serving as the Chair for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and is excited to create an equilibrium between professionalism and fun. She hopes to make the conference an unforgettable and fun experience for everyone.