North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Committee Description

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the world’s largest and most powerful political and military alliance. It consists of members from predominantly Western-European states and the two North American powers of Canada and the United States. Its founding ideal was to protect the security and freedoms of the Western Nations, by inhibiting the Soviet military aggression. An attack on a single member of the organization is the equivalent of an attack on all NATO member states.

NATO was established in April 1949 in response to the threats of Soviet aggression and the spread of communist ideology. Comprised of 28 member states from Europe and the Middle East, NATO is a defensive military alliance that seeks to protect its member states and allies. An attack on a single member of the organization is the equivalent of an attack on all NATO member states.

NATO is an intermediate committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

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Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: The Migrant Crisis in the Central Mediterranean

Topic B: Arctic Security

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Brandon Wu
Brandon is currently a grade 12 student at Burnaby South Secondary. Upon discovering the world of Model UN, he instantly fell in love with the passion that delegates poured into their speeches and the occasional intense note passing. Brandon’s fondest memory of his Model UN career is of the various extended discussions on completely trivial topics, such as a 30 minute discussion on removing the word “billboard” from a draft resolution. Outside of mun, he can be found skiing in the mountains, running across Vancouver, or just embarking on adventures thrown his way. As Director of NATO, Brandon looks forward to meeting you all at the conference.

Jodi Fei
A student currently studying in Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto, Jodi joined Model UN in grade 10 with an interest in international relations and global current events. Having been a delegate, Director, and former MUN Captain of Crofton House School, she is a veteran to this intense non-spectator sport. From the many friendships and bonds she has made in the committee room in high school, she decided to come back one last time to satisfy her nostalgia. When not dressed in western business attire, Jodi is most likely somewhere near a map, networking intensively all over the country, making lattes and recreationally playing badminton. She is thrilled to staff NATO at CAIMUN 2018, and, for the very last time, she wishes the best of luck to all delegates and hope to create long lasting memories with the committee.