The Government of Libya, 2015

Committee Description

The fallout of the Arab Spring has created a violent, factionalized, and unstable Libya. Prospects for peace and stability have been mired by a civil war between the Council of Deputies and the New General National Congress, alongside the participation of of tribalist and jihadist groups fighting for land.

The only hope for the people of Libya is the Libyan Political Agreement of 2015. This agreement, signed by the two opposing groups of the civil war, has created a temporary government consisting of representatives from both sides of the war. If successful, this government could establish permanent peace and put Libya on the path to re-establishing itself as a stable state. Representatives must to work together to satisfy the needs of their respective parties, while also eliminating the threats posed by external groups like ISIL. Numerous international observers have claimed that Libya is on the verge of becoming a failed state – this government is the only opportunity Libya has to prove them wrong.

The Government of Libya, 2015 is an intermediate committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

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Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Security and Armed Conflict (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: State Building (View Backgrounder)


Jeffrey Shen
Jeffrey is currently a grade eleven student attending Pinetree Secondary School and is ecstatic to be directing at CAIMUN 2018! He first became involved with Model UN in grade nine. Ever since then, Jeffrey has delegated and staffed at numerous conferences, and is extremely excited to be attending CAIMUN for the third time! Outside of school, Jeffrey can be found slaving away at the studio working on his portfolio, making brownies when he should be studying for a math test, and making new playlists on Spotify. He is looking forward to a weekend of lively debate and cannot wait to meet all of the delegates!

Jiro Luat
Cruising through his senior year at Steveston-London Secondary School, Jiro has become an advocate for environmental and health issues, as well as human rights. Aspiring to become an educator and psychologist, he endeavours to spread awareness to future generations about our ever-changing society. When not listening in to the pettiness of model UN conferences, Jiro is highly involved in his school community; he is an active member of several clubs including student council and the school press. You can also see him working on his single pirouette or training for a half-marathon (in which he has yet to start). Jiro is absolutely thrilled to serve as your chair for CAIMUN and looks forward to the riveting debate.