Joint Crisis Committee

Committee Description

CAIMUN’s Joint Crisis Committee promises to be a fast paced and exciting delegating experience. Set in the year 2087, delegates will attempt to tackle crises and pass directives that will actively impact the other bloc. Soviet Asia, a newly formed Communist state covers former Russia, China and much of continental Asia. In the other bloc, the North American Republic, a bilingual capitalist society expands across what used to be Mexico, Canada, and the United States. This exhilarating crisis committee deals with the culmination of environmental degradation and the political unrest of the 21st century, leaving delegates to battle over the remaining resources. Water is scarce, diplomatic relations are tense, and for the first time in nearly a century since the end of the Cold War, Communism and Capitalism are facing off. In addition to a background guide detailing the history of the conflict, delegates will receive a personal portfolio outlining their position’s power, stance on the initial crisis, and any potential secrets that they may wish to keep from their respective governments.

The JCC committee will be run with a custom procedure. Delegates with more experience in MUN are preferred, although anybody with ability and interest may be chosen for this committee.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to JCC to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic: The Warm War (View Backgrounder)


Olivia Berkowitz
​Olivia promised everyone that CAIMUN 2016 would be her last, but alas she is back! Although she is now graduated and a “fully functioning adult” who lives in Quebec, Olivia is still not over her love for Vancouver’s high school MUN scene and is excited to return as the director of JCC. Aside from MUN and maintaining a prestigious -1.5 GPA, Olivia spends her time rewatching The Office, pursuing a highly profitable career in improvised comedy and making collages of Bernie Sanders. She also enjoys skiing, writing standup about her grandmother, listening to “indie music” and yelling about social justice. She looks forward to meeting all of you in May!

Gabriela Langer
Gabriela Langer is a grade 12 student at West Vancouver Secondary School. She started MUN in grade 10 and has been extremely involved in the community ever since as a delegate, staff and secretariat member. Gabby enjoys playing field hockey, mountain biking, playing piano, puns, and wood working. She hopes to study engineering next year at UBC. Gabby is ecstatic to be at her last ever MUN conference with her best friend in the entire world MUN goddess: Olivia Berkowitz. She is very happy to be staffing at Caimun 2017 and believes it will be a great conference.

Judith Chen
A sophomore at Semiahmoo Secondary, Judith is excited to be serving as your Chair in JCC for CAIMUN 2017! Ever since her first Model UN conference in 2015, Judith has been captivated by the diplomacy, pragmatism and collaboration that MUN entails. Since then, MUN has encouraged her to foster her fervorous passions for international relations and debating. In addition, she believes that MUN is an excellent outlet to further understand current events, improve public speaking skills and meet like-minded youth. Outside of the exciting realm of MUN, Judith enjoys volleyball, ballet and event organization. However, one can also find Judith finding good music and binge watching Modern Family in her spare time. All in all, Judith looks forward to creating an enriching and memorable experience at CAIMUN for new and experienced delegates alike!

Jerry Jiao
Bloc Director
First time, a delegate. Second time, a chair. This time around, Jerry is absolutely thrilled to be returning to his third consecutive year of CAIMUN as a bloc director! Although never having attended a JCC committee himself, Jerry has a wide range of MUN experience under his belt and hopes that he will be able to pass that experience on to his delegates, primarily through the use of cringeworthy puns. Of course, there will also be plenty of professionality and fun. Contrary to popular belief, they definitely can coexist! When not stumbling overtime in moderated caucuses as a delegate or screaming at delegates for doing so as a staff member, Jerry enjoys playing badminton and ultimate frisbee, reading, and spectacularly floundering through scores of Liszt and Beethoven. He’s very much looking forward to an awesome CAIMUN 2017, and hopes to see you there

Xavi Delgado
Bloc Director
​Xavi is a senior at St. George's School, and is absolutely ecstatic to be serving as a JCC Bloc Director at what will be his final high school conference. Though Xavi technically began MUN in Grade 6, his love for the activity truly sparked when his skills were put to the test in his first JCC, and has dedicated his MUN career to crisis committees ever since. When not at the podium, Xavi can be found stalking his own Instagram, hunting down new bubble tea restaurants, and watching his math mark go down faster than the slope of a sine graph. He wishes all CAIMUN-attendees a wonderful conference, but guarantees his own delegates a defining experience in their MUN careers.​