Joint Crisis Committee

Committee Description

The JCC is a committee like none other; run with a custom set of Rules of Procedure, the committee is divided into two separate blocs which are run independently, yet operate on the same issue and timeline. The fast-paced and unpredictable nature of the JCC ensures that all delegates will most definitely be kept on their toes throughout the conference. Diplomacy, compromise, decisiveness, and even some clandestinity will be imperative for success in the battle of wits that is the JCC.

JCC is an advanced committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

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Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to JCC to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic: The Unification of Germany (ca. 1849) (View Backgrounder)


Andrew Wei
An impassioned follower of political events since his early days, Andrew has been immersed in MUN since eighth grade. Now entering his last year in St. George’s School, Andrew is overjoyed to be serving as serving as Crisis Director at JCC. Having participated in his first MUN in grade eight, he fell instantly in love with the feelings of exhilaration and euphoria that occur in every conference, whether it be the heated debate that occurs in a moderated caucus or the last-minute lobbying before a vote is called. He is especially excited to be staffing in JCC, a committee he holds dear to his heart. Outside of the wild world of MUN, Andrew enjoys rowing, running, following obscure elections across the world, struggling with inDesign, integrating in three dimensions and deciphering Caesar’s musings on invading Gaul. Andrew wishes all delegates the best of luck in their deliberations!

Alan Chen
Bloc Director
Alan attended his first MUN conference in 2015 because of a friend’s invitation, not knowing that MUN would soon become a big part of his high school life. Currently in Grade 12, Alan is interested in global politics, international economics, and social issues. He extends his passions not only to MUN but also to various local and international debate tournaments. When not busy with school, Alan can be found reading the Economist, exploring different cafes downtown, catching up on airing TV series, and walking his Shiba-Inu on the UBC campus. Alan is very excited for what CAIMUN 2018 encompasses and looks forward to meeting all the delegates in April.

Callum Shepard
Bloc Director
Callum Shepard is a Grade 12 Student at St. George’s School in Vancouver. He has been involved in MUN since 2013, and is excited for this iteration of CAIMUN. He hopes you all have a great and memorable experience this CAIMUN. When not engaging in MUN, Callum can be found enjoying Vancouver’s culinary diversity, enjoying beautiful British Columbia, or enjoying a good book over a cup of coffee. Callum is excited to be a bloc-director for the JCC this CAIMUN. He hopes to create a once in a lifetime experience for the delegates in a fast-paced and multifaceted crisis.

Evelyn Gondosiswanto
Evelyn Gondosiswanto is a rising junior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as your Chair for JCC at CAIMUN 2018! She started her journey in MUN & debate in grades 8 & 9 and has been absolutely addicted ever since. Whether it comes to chugging caffeine during midnight crises or procrastinating before conferences, she treasures every MUN experience deep within her heart. Outside of conferences, Evelyn is often inhaling sweets to fulfill her sweet tooth needs, practising the violin or making (Ho)listic science puns. Evelyn sincerely hopes delegates can enjoy themselves at CAIMUN and that she can provide an exciting experience that makes it happen!

Alannah Zhou
Alannah Zhou - a junior at Port Moody Secondary School - started her love of MUN two years ago as a CAIMUN delegate. Since then, she has made an active effort to engage in MUN day and hotel conferences alike and is thrilled to return as a staff member. Outside of MUN, Alannah enjoys reading current events, debating controversial issues, and trading (virtual) stocks. She created a free app with her business, ezWake, to help students wake up better for classes or MUN conferences alike. She is looking forward to meeting everyone.

Nellie Sun
Crisis Staff
Nellie Sun is a Grade 11 student in the IB program at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School. Since entering the world of debate, public speaking, and MUN in grade 8, she has developed a passion for international relations. She thoroughly enjoys having meaningful discussions about global affairs, economics, and politics. When Nellie is not arguing about worldly issues, she can be found fretting over a mountainous pile of homework, sleeping, and watching reruns of "Gilmore Girls". Nellie looks forward to meeting the delegates at CAIMUN 2018 and will strive to make the conference a memorable one.

Victoria Hong
Crisis Staff
Currently a senior at Crofton House School, Model United Nations has evoked a side of Victoria that she has never known before - One blooming with confidence, diplomacy and passion. Although she was initially repulsed by the seemingly egoistic and superficial nature of MUN, conference after conference she grew to enjoy delivering fervent and creative speeches as a MUN delegate. If her speeches were a recipe for a cake, it would contain a logic flavoured base with a couple spoonful of drama topped off with a pinch of humour. When her spirit is not absent in the art realm, she can be found pursuing documentaries on extraterrestrial bodies and deciphering the personalities of people around her through astrology. During her leisure time, she thoroughly enjoys binge-watching Korean drama. Having participated in numerous past conferences since her involvement in grade 8, Victoria is delighted to serve as part of the crisis staff for JCC.