International Press Corps

Committee Description

The International Press Corps is a highly-praised international publisher of a series of fast-paced and peer-reviewed, open access international journals and articles that expose the fine details of a wide spectrum of topics, often casting light on controversial, contentious topics. From disturbing, moving topics to light-hearted, jovial stories, International Press Corps journalists will be required to select a beginner or advanced committee they would like to report on throughout the duration of the conference. Reports will be published in the form of concise news articles, live crises updates, and interactive video blogging. In such a dynamic environment, delegates will be able to experience what it is like to be in an investigative journalist. Their pieces will be featured on the CAI-Forum website, accessible to all delegates at the conference. At the end of the conference, journalists will be compiling the most memorable moments from their committees into a holistic montage showcasing the best moments of the entire weekend.

The International Press Corps is a special committee. Delegates of any skill level are welcome to join, especially those with a passion for public speaking and creative writing.

Position papers are mandatory for this committee.

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All position papers and inquiries relating to IPC can be sent to [email protected].

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Eric Zhang
Eric is currently a senior attending St. George’s School, and is ecstatic to serve as the Director for IPC at CAIMUN 2018. After going to his first MUN conference in grade 7, he instantly fell in love with how professional and intense MUN was. In Eric’s spare time, you can find him outside playing basketball, throwing a bent, circular, piece of plastic, on the interwebs watching anime, dancing to his favorite songs, or making horrendous grammar mistakes which may have affected his previous dais’ lives forever (please don’t make horrendous grammar mistakes). Eric is looking forward to be staffing at CAIMUN 2018, and he hopes to make it a unforgettable experience for everybody.

Linda Dai
Currently a Grade 11 student at Crofton House School, Linda is ecstatic to be serving as the chair for IPC at CAIMUN 2018. Her commitment to Model UN has allowed her to not only explore the world of international relations and diplomacy, but also meet and befriend individuals with similar interests. Linda is grateful for everything MUN has taught her, especially the ability to function on minimal hours of sleep. During her spare time, Linda can be found volunteering, hanging out with friends, or most commonly, napping. She looks forward to meeting all of the committee’s delegates and hopes for a fun and engaging weekend!

Geneviève Dubuc
Geneviève Dubuc is currently a senior attending École Secondaire Jules-Verne and she is delighted to serve as the Chair for IPC at CAIMUN 2018. Passionate about international affairs, MUN piqued her curiosity when she attended her first conference at the beginning of eleventh grade. Conference after conference, she only delved deeper into the world of debate and has not turned back since. When she is not in school, sleeping, or doing both simultaneously, you can find Geneviève being an avid dogspotter and seeking new eateries to feed her insatiable sweet tooth. Geneviève looks forward to a weekend of fervent debate and she is excited to meet you all at CAIMUN 2018.