Historical War Cabinets

Committee Description

The Historical War Cabinets at CAIMUN 2017 are not the typical MUN experience. Set in the period of the Vietnam War, the Historical War Cabinets consist of two independent cabinets, representing either North Vietnam and the USSR, or South Vietnam and the USA. Delegates will be charged with the task of cooperating with their cabinet members to respond to the actions of hostile and allied cabinets alike, and appropriately dealing with crises and conflicts to eventually lead their cabinet to victory. All those who have a love for history, strategy, and war will find themselves immersed in the conflict, working cooperatively with their peers to reach victory. Due to the committee's characteristics, delegates participating in the Historical War Cabinets must be prepared to work under pressure and time, able to think on their feet, all the while possessing a comprehensive grasp on the diplomatic conduct and historical context.

The HWC committee will be run with a custom procedure. Delegates with more experience in MUN are preferred, although anybody with ability and interest may be chosen for this committee.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to HWC to [email protected].

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Topic: The Vietnam War (View Backgrounder)


David Tang
​At the moment you're reading this, D.Tang is either trying desperately to not fail thesis year and graduate, or is trying desperately to find a job that can somehow take him away from the 5-year program of Bachelor of Architecture. It is most likely, then, that when you see him at the conference, he would be both out of school and out of a job. A CAIMUN snob that has stuck with it since his last year in high school - the initial CAIMUN 2012 - all the way to 2016, D.Tang prepared himself for once more unto the breach for the conference that has allowed him to be a snob and a smartass for three days every year. In life, D.Tang doesn't really give a #)$* about things, generally enjoying his life being a couch potato weeb with an excessive spending habit while gaining 10 pounds every year after entering university. Being the director of the Historical War Committee, he will try with whatever's left of him after getting grilled everyday by thesis year to try to bring the delegates - and himself - a satisfying committee before he gets destroyed by adulthood.

Nadia Chigmaroff
Nadia Chigmaroff is a Grade 11 student currently attending Sentinel Secondary School. She has a passion for Model UN and has been participating in conferences since Grade 8, where she was first captivated by the way MUN brings delegates with a variety of interests and personalities together to solve complex issues. When Nadia isn’t studying, she trains as a competitive springboard diver. She also enjoys programming (Python3 speakers, unite) and plans to go into information security. Nadia hopes you enjoy CAIMUN 2017 as much as she will!

Peter Jiang
Peter Jiang is currently a grade 11 IB student at Semiahmoo Secondary.When he isn't out flying gliders or mastering the delicate art of baking, he can be found crying over his massive workload and laminating his notes so the tears can roll off. He is also passionately and deeply involved in the world of Model United Nations and debating, as he pours what is left of his free time into managing his school club. Having gone to his first conference in grade 9, there has yet to be a conference that he has regretted attending. Whether it is your first conference or your last, CAIMUN 2017 will not disappoint and he looks greatly forward to a weekend full of heated and enchanted debate.

Rachel Lai
Bloc Director
Rachel is currently a senior at Burnaby North Secondary and is honoured to be serving as the Chair for the HWC at CAIMUN 2017. Rachel has continuously shown her passion for global issues and debate ever since attending her first Model UN conference in Grade 9. Not only has Model UN provided an amazing learning experience for Rachel, but it has also allowed her to meet many different people from around the world, and has given her plenty of new opportunities. Outside of Model UN, Rachel can be seen volunteering in her community, working alongside organizations/clubs, jamming to music, socializing with her beloved friends, and catching a snooze whenever she can. Rachel can't wait until CAIMUN 2017, and hopes to see you all there!

Semeion Wong
Bloc Director
Semeion is currently a grade 11 student attending R.A. McMath Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as one of the bloc directors for the HWJCC at CAIMUN 2017. Since attending her first conference in grade 10, Semeion has become infatuated with international relations and public speaking. Aside from Model UN conferences, you can probably find her explaining how to pronounce her name or slamming on buzzers at Reach for the Top tournaments. Additionally, you can find her debating on whether she wants to be a lawyer or a surgeon, depending on whether she's watching Suits or Grey's Anatomy at the moment.