Historical Security Council

Committee Description

CAIMUN’s Historical Security Council gives a historical twist to the exciting and fast-paced nature of the traditional Security Council. Delegates in the HSC will be tasked with resolving some of the world’s most significant conflicts and issues in the 20th century, and will have the power to set the global political landscape in a completely different direction.

HSC is an advanced committee. Prior experience in MUN and debate is highly recommended; however, anyone with interest or strong delegating skills may participate if they wish to.

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Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to HSC to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: The Suez Crisis (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: The Greek Civil War (View Backgrounder)


Harkaran Dial
Harkaran Dial, a grade 11 student at Southridge, began MUN 3 years ago in his first general assembly. After a year of new MUN experiences, he finally experienced his first crisis committee, which he instantly fell in love. His passion for crisis led to him participating and staffing many of them, and his interest only grows. He looks forward to CAIMUN 2018.

James Foo
A Senior at St. George’s School, James is thrilled to serve as the Chair of HSC. He was born in Japan, and spent his elementary years in Malaysia. He was instantly mesmerized by the world of MUN when he stepped into his first committee room in grade 8. Besides MUN, James actively participates in his school’s Investment Club and VEX Robotics Team. When he is not taking his beloved naps, he can be found hanging out with friends and attempting to play soccer. He also enjoys discovering McDonalds 2-can-dine coupons in his mailbox. James looks forward to meeting everyone and having a sensational weekend.