The Historical Joint Crisis Committee is an ascension of the conventional Model UN committee experience, in which delegates are immersed in two seperate, opposing blocs operating on the same linear timeline as the other. The fast-paced nature of this committee will be complimented through the imploration of directives — single clause resolutions with an immediate impact on the perpetual crisis. Rather than delegations from international bodies, HJCC delegates will be given the opportunity to assume specific positions in either the July Monarchy or the Republican Rebels and wield exclusive powers in respective blocs.

HJCC will follow the official CAIMUN crisis rules of procedures, which can be found in the background guide.

Being an advanced crisis committee, the HJCC is designed for only experienced delegates of the highest calibre.

The Historical Joint Crisis Committee (HJCC) is a joint-crisis simulation that offers a unique experience designed for delegates with extensive experience and debate knowledge.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].



Topic A

The June Rebellion

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Derick Yuan

The honour of serving as the Director of HJCC is held by none other than Derick, a Grade 12 student of Fraser Heights Secondary with a diagnosis of crippling senioritis. With over 20 conferences under Derick’s belt, to say Model UN has forever changed this man for the better is nothing short of an understatement. Indeed, the beauty of such an endeavour cannot be conveyed through words; thus, Derick won’t even bother trying. CAIMUN 2019 will be his final MUN conference, and Derick is indescribably saddened to know that this will mark the end of his MUN career. Indeed, from every caffeinated all-nighter to all his many (unsuccessful) attempts at approaching that cute delegate during the social, the memories of Derick’s MUN journey will remain by his side forever. The HJCC Director looks forward to meeting all delegates on the barricaded streets of France and is certain that the weekend to come will be nothing short of a legendary experience.


Andy Jiang
Bloc Director

Andy Jiang is a senior student at Fraser Heights Secondary and is ecstatic to serve as one of the Bloc Directors for HJCC. Since his very first conference, the aroma of placards, note papers, and complimentary hotel pens have completely seduced his time and interest. Aside from his commitment to MUN, Andy can be found hyping up for the Season 8 of Game of Thrones, attempting to top his own high score in the Google Chrome dinosaur game, or intensely watching the newest episode of Masterchef Australia. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran delegate, Andy cannot wait to greet everyone at CAIMUN and promises to provide an experience to be savoured.


Eli Lee
Bloc Director

Eli is a grade 12 student in Fraser Heights Secondary ecstatic to be staffing with a bunch of highly intelligent, sensible and cultured group of men for Canada International Model United Nations 2019. Eli was first introduced to the world of Model United Nations by his school’s sponsor teacher who threatened to lower his social studies mark. Ever since, Eli has “fallen in love” with the activity. In his past time, Eli enjoys taking matching photos with friends, lowering his voice and attending his sponsor teacher’s retirement party. In his last year of high school Model United Nations, he hopes to provide a wonderful experience for delegates attending CAIMUN 2019!


Alan Zhuang

Alan is a grade 12 student attending Fraser Heights Secondary and is excited to serve as the chair of HJCC at CAIMUN 2019. Ever since the first time he raised his placard in grade 9, Alan has found MUN to be a fun medium for debate. The social aspects of MUN are also very alluring; from tackling global issues with new found friends to outmanoeuvring enemy blocs, MUN has managed to intrigue Alan every step of the way. Outside of MUN, you can expect to see Alan listening to music, spending "a little" of his time playing video games, raising his IQ through watching “Rick and Morty,” and searching across Vancouver for the best steak available. Alan looks forward to a weekend of cooperation, discussion, and fun at CAIMUN 2019.


Andrew Guo

Andrew is a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary and is thrilled to serve as the Chair of the Historical Joint Crisis Committee. After attending his first Model United Nations conference in grade 9, Andrew has been continuously captivated by the MUN community. Outside of MUN, you could probably find him trying to crack an egg without breaking the yolk, cycling around the neighbourhood, or giving himself false hope that he can finish the assignment in the morning. Andrew is looking forward to meeting the Delegates of HJCC at CAIMUN 2019!


Cher Ning

Currently a Grade 11 student at Crofton House School, Cher is excited to serve as the Chair for HJCC at CAIMUN 2019. Only two years ago, Cher was peer pressured by her friends to attend VYMUN 2016, not knowing that her involvement in MUN would continue past just that one weekend. Since then, she has enjoyed the fascinating debate that fills every conference. Outside of Model UN, Cher can be found napping at inconvenient times, exploiting her Starbucks employee discount, and struggling to drive. She looks forward to meeting all delegates in May and hopes to make this conference a memorable and rewarding experience!


Sarah Buddhason

A senior at Moscrop Secondary School’s French Immersion Program, Sarah is honoured to serve as the Chair for HJCC at CAIMUN 2019. Having been both a delegate and a staff member over the span of fourteen conferences, she has grown to love the intensity of debate and the cooperation needed to resolve pressing global issues. From the late-night resolution paper edits to the nostalgia that comes early Sunday morning, Model UN is more than just an extracurricular for her — it is an invaluable and defining aspect of her life. When not behind the dais table, Sarah can be found testing her spice tolerance at various hot pot restaurants, clarifying what her ethnicity is, and vehemently defending “waterbending” as the superior Avatar elemental ability. Sarah is in a sleep-deprived state of excitement for a weekend of diplomacy, and is confident that CAIMUN 2019 will be a memorable experience for all delegates!