The Group of 20 is an annual international forum that brings together the twenty leading economies from both the developed and the developing world to discuss current economic issues. As the G20 nations make up 85% of the world’s GDP, the members' decisions set out a guideline for other countries to follow. Although the committee's agendas are not legally binding, operations set out in each yearly meeting serve as future goals and promises similar to environmental accords

Holding its inaugural session in 1999, the G20 was the latest post-World War II international initiative to coordinate global economic policy. Since then, the committee’s focus has been the governance of the international economy, with the topics of each annual session depending on the immediate economic needs of the world. The G20 ensures an international forum for countries of all financial backgrounds to discuss and compromise on ways to improve the global economy.

The Group of 20 (G20) is an intermediate committee that offers an experience for all delegates with interest.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries via [email protected].



Topic A

Addressing the Rise of Protectionism

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Topic B

Divesting from Fossil Fuels

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Kevin Roe

Kevin Roe is a Grade 10 student at Pacific Academy. He is honoured to serve as the director for G20 at CAIMUN 2019, and along with his chair, Jennifer, he hopes each delegate will engage in thought-provoking discussion while having fun. Ever since the beginning of his active MUN career in grade 8, Kevin has been amazed by the engaging debates and the diplomacy in the MUN world. Throughout his short MUN career, Kevin has met several unique individuals and is grateful for all of them and hopes delegates will develop friendships like he has. Aside from MUN, Kevin enjoys learning how to debate, playing the saxophone, and drinking copious amounts of water. He looks forward to meeting everyone and anticipates enjoying the heated debate in the committee!


Jennifer Tsai

Jennifer is currently a grade 11 student at Fraser Heights Secondary School and is elated to be serving as the chair for G20 at CAIMUN 2019 along with her director, Kevin. Ever since her first conference in grade 9, Model UN has paved way for the perpetual journey of her growth; the activity has allowed her to conquer her former fear of public speaking, develop invaluable leadership skills, and spark a passion within the realm of global issue. Despite her fearful start, she looks back with relief about her decision of joining MUN. Outside of MUN, Jennifer can be found avidly involved in various clubs at her school, researching abstract science topics, or jamming to music at 1 am. She hopes to make CAIMUN a memorable experience for all delegates!