Economic and Financial Committee

Committee Description

Second Committee of the UN General Assembly

The Economic and Financial Committee, also known as ECOFIN, is the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. Their mandate is to address subjects related to economic growth, development, and macroeconomics.

ECOFIN also deals with subjects such as financing for development, sustainable development, poverty eradication, globalization, and interdependence. Issues pertaining to groups of countries of special interest, such as countries identified as LDCs (Least Developed Countries), as well as the sovereignty of Palestinians over their natural resources are also considered by this committee. The Economic and Finance Committee convenes yearly in accordance with the meeting of the General Assembly.

ECOFIN is a beginner committee. Delegates of any skill level with interest may apply to this committee.

Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to ECOFIN to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Impact of International Money Laundering (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: Evaluating International Foreign Aid (View Backgrounder)


Max Lee
Maximilian Lee is a Grade 12 student attending Vancouver College and is absolutely enthused to be the Director of ECOFIN for CAIMUN 2017. This year, we shall be discussing money laundering and the effects of economic aid on developing nations. These two incredibly versatile topics affect the world on an immense scale that will be an absolute pleasure to debate, discuss, and deliberate about. Aside from MUN, Max enjoys reading, playing games, and binge watching Netflix. Max, along with the rest of the staff team at ECOFIN, wishes everyone the best of luck in their research for committee and invites everyone to view the background guide.

Shakil Jessa
Shakil is a Grade 10 student attending Port Moody Secondary School in the Pre-IB Program and he is excited to be serving as the Chair for ECOFIN at CAIMUN 2017! He has been interested about politics and law since forever, and in his free time enjoys relaxing on the couch, watching Big Brother, SNL, Scream Queens or How to Get Away With Murder with a huge bowl of popcorn. He also enjoys trying to speak French and volunteering. He has been in Scouts for the past 11 years, and is currently a leader for a Cub Pack. Shakil wait for all delegates to see all the hard work that our dais team has put in and hope that they have an amazing conference experience at ECOFIN!

Angela Kang
Angela Kang is currently in grade 11, attending Fraser Heights Secondary and is hyped to be serving as a chair at CAIMUN 2017. Angela began her MUN journey in her grade 10 year and has loved it ever since. Outside of MUN, you can usually find her volunteering, wasting her money on food, or trying to find motivation to go to the gym. Angela wishes all delegates of CAIMUN 2017 the best of luck and is looking forward to the unforgettable experience with everyone!