The Economic and Financial Committee (ECOFIN) is responsible for handling issues relating to economic development and growth, such as international trade, poverty eradication, and sustainable development. ECOFIN was established in 1945, and since then has been known as the Second Committee of the United Nations General Assembly. It’s membership consists of nearly two hundred states, ranging from some of the wealthiest nations to some of the least developed, proving how diverse the topics discussed in this committee can be.

Along with all other committees of the United Nations General Assembly, ECOFIN is limited in its ability to take action. Although it is highly regarded and very well respected, ECOFIN is only able to put forward solutions as part of a draft resolution, of which the content may only be partially implemented, if at all. In addition, not only has ECOFIN helped further global economic affairs in relatively stable times, but it has also historically been a great source of aid to developing countries with emergent situations and financial instability. The committee has many responsibilities that vary from continuing to further the Sustainable Development Goals to helping countries with financial aid during times of crisis.

The Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN) is a beginner committee that offers the traditional Model UN experience for all delegates alike.

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Impact of Wealth Gap on Social Cohesion



Economic Future of Green Energy Development


Heather Gadalla

Heather is in Grade 11 at West Point Grey Academy and is absolutely thrilled to be directing ECOFIN at CAIMUN 2019! She has attended numerous conferences, and has experience as both a staff member and a delegate. Heather fell in love with Model UN at her very first conference, as she was blown away by the diplomacy and negotiation skills she picked up on from just one weekend of debate. She has enjoyed every aspect of her previous conferences and hopes to create an engaging and educational environment for all delegates in ECOFIN. Outside of Model UN, you can find her dancing, skiing, reading, volunteering, or trying to catch up on sleep. She hopes that all delegates will have an exciting and memorable experience at CAIMUN this year!


Fiona Reuter

Fiona is a Grade 12 student at Crofton House School, and is currently in her fifth year of Model UN. After attending her first conference in Grade 8, she was instantly captivated by the world of MUN, and has since developed a passion for international relations and public speaking. In her free time, Fiona enjoys golfing, spending time with her friends, and watching Netflix. She is ecstatic to be serving as the Chair of ECOFIN, and hopes to help make the experience enjoyable for all of the delegates!


Jonathan Chan

Jonathan is a senior student at Richmond Christian School, and is currently in his fourth and final year of Model United Nations. Since attending his first conference in grade 9, MUN has been a crucial contributor to his interest in international relations and current affairs. Jonathan is thankful for his previous dais and mentors in Model UN and he hopes to aid his delegates through similar measures. Outside of MUN, you can find Jonathan hiking, snowboarding, or serving in local non-profit organizations. Jonathan is elated to serve as the Chair of ECOFIN, and looks forward to meeting all his delegates at CAIMUN 2019!