Disarmament and International Security Committee

Committee Description

First Committee of the UN General Assembly

Following the events of World War II, the world was in need of a body to regulate competing interests. The League of Nations had failed in its quest to stop conflict, and with the turmoil that remained in the wake of the war, the leaders of the world’s nations came together to form the United Nations, holding its first session in January of 1946. DISEC became one of the principal bodies of the United Nations, responsible for maintaining world peace through collective security. It is one of the six General Assemblies, and with all 193 members of the UN in attendance, the range of ideas that present at DISEC is quite extensive, offering an in-depth look at how international affairs work in relation to the peace-making process. The mandate of DISEC can range from forging peace treaties to recommending armed intervention, allowing the committee to have a major say in every notable conflict since the creation of the UN.

Unfortunately, the committee only has the ability to make recommendations. Only the Security Council can order direct intervention in a conflict, but that does not make the General Assembly’s contributions any less valid. DISEC expands on the narrow scope that the UNSC offers, greatly improving the scope of the UN. This is the ultimate introduction to Model United Nations for anyone interested in global conflict.

DISEC is a beginner committee. Delegates of any skill level with interest may apply to this committee.

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Please submit all position papers and inquiries relating to DISEC to [email protected].

Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Foreign Military Presence (View Backgrounder)

Topic B: Tensions in the Korean Peninsula (View Backgrounder)


James Chae
James Chae is a grade 11 IB student that goes to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary. He started his MUN journey at Vancouver College and has been involved with MUN for 2 years. Outside of MUN and school, James plays soccer, piano, and the violin. In addition, he works as a soccer referee and a lifesaving instructor. This is James' second staffing experience and his first time being the director of a committee. James looks forward to having an amazing experience with his future delegates at CAIMUN 2018.

Alexis Han
Alexis will shortly be graduating from Sentinel Secondary. As a long-time MUN lover, she is very excited as well as sad to be serving as Chair for DISEC, as CAIMUN 2018 is her last high school Model UN conference. She is extremely passionate about humanitarian issues, and hopes to be involved with Model UN as well as the actual UN for as long as possible. A note to all delegates: have a blast in CAIMUN 2018!

Lauren Hung
Lauren is currently a senior at Crofton House School and is delighted to be serving as chair for this year’s DISEC. After much persuasion from her friends, Lauren attended her first conference in eighth grade, and since then, has been an active participant in club meetings and various conferences. When she is not immersed in things MUN-related, Lauren can be found watching Brooklyn Nine Nine or triple jumping to her heart’s content on Crofton’s Track and Field team. She looks forward to a weekend of lively debate and to working with everyone at CAIMUN 2018!

Jeffrey Guo
Jeffrey Guo is currently a grade 11 student studying at Meadowridge. Enrolled in the Diploma Program, Jeff’s life consists of the constant struggle of writing CAS reflections and lab reports. Outside of school, Jeffrey enjoys eating out at restaurants. Jeffrey can be found at various locations: socializing at overpriced spinning restaurants, enjoying bubble tea and hot pot, and ignoring his friends because he is too busy eating the bowl of mouth-watering Ramon in front of him. Jeffrey is looking forward to a weekend full of fruitful debate with new and experienced delegates!