United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development

Committee Description

The United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) is responsible for providing the United Nations with specialized, high-level advice on policy issues. Experts nominated by their countries come together at the annual meeting of the CTSD to guide the future work of the UN, develop common policies, and agree on actions to further the Sustainable Development Goals by harnessing the power of science and technology.

In a world where massive advances are being made in science and technology nearly every day, the work of the Commission is vital. Not only will members examine the implications of these advancements, but they will work to ensure that they are strategically deployed to better the lives of all 8 billion people who call this planet home – particularly those who need it the most.

The CSTD is an intermediate committee. Delegates with some experience in MUN are preferred, although anybody with ability and interest may be chosen for this committee.

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Topics | Backgrounders

Topic A: Policy Review of Iran

Topic B: Technology and Maritime Transport

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Alex Han
Alex is a rising junior attending the IB Programme at Port Moody Secondary School. After being introduced to model united nations in his early Grade 9 year, Alex was instantly captivated. With a strong passion for debate and research, Alex is excited to serve as Director for the Disarmament and International Security Committee. Outside his involvement in model united nations, Alex can be found reading the Economist, waiting for Spurs to win their well-deserving Premier League title, catching up on the latest fashion trends, debating through numerous tournaments, and digging for the ball on the volleyball court. Alex is exhilarated to witness the intense debate and creative ideas brought forth by each delegate!

Helen Huang
Helen Huang is a Grade 11 student at MEI Secondary School, who first entered the world of Model United Nations in Grade 9 with an immense fear of public speaking. After spending 2 years getting over her fear, Helen has never underestimate the power of speech and is honoured to be serving as the Chair of the United Nations Commission on Science and Technology for Development for CAIMUN 2018. Apart from her marriage to MUN, Helen serves as a Debate Intern at BC Forensic League, a non-profit organization which first opened her eyes to the beauty of public speaking and politics. If she’s not in a blazer, you’d find her as an Alto Saxophone player or battling school by following the “motion of the ocean”. Helen is ecstatic to meet all delegates wishing to enhance their MUN experience.

Brandon Zhou
Brandon is currently a Grade 12 student at St. George’s School and he is excited to serve as the Chair of the UNCSTD at CAIMUN 2018. He attended his first conference at the beginning of his high school career and has been fascinated by world affairs and diplomacy ever since. After many conferences and caucuses, Brandon sees the importance of Model UN because it not only allows participants to broaden their perspective of the world, but also helps develop rhetoric and critical thinking skills. His extracurricular interests include debating, eating, correcting grammar, and playing percussion. Brandon procrastinates by practicing piano, sleeping, and joining non-profit organizations. Brandon cannot wait to meet all the delegates at the conference, and hopes that it will be an unforgettable and educational experience.