Crisis Staff


This year, CAIMUN is proud to introduce crisis staff! These staff members take part in nearly all committees (except the Joint Crisis Committee) as the backbone behind crisis execution. Crisis staff work in partnership with committee directors to create crises that are engaging, intellectual, and fast paced. Besides helping to coordinate crisis trees and story arcs, these staff members take an active role during committee sessions by becoming guest speakers and dramatic actors. Through writing articles, scripting monologues, and infiltrating committees, these staff members work ensure that every crisis at CAIMUN is memorable.


Jerry Jiao and Peter Jiang
Crisis Staff
Friends of over a decade, Peter and Jerry first met within the humble confines of an elementary school art class. This lasting friendship would span several Model UN conferences, debate tournaments, and even a comedy stint. Peter is a senior in Semiahmoo Secondary’s International Baccalaureate program and has been passionately debating in the world of Model UN. A trombonist, pilot, and debater, Peter likes to dabble in a myriad of activities in his spare time. He also enjoys baking, and playing table tennis. Jerry is a senior at Fraser Heights Secondary and a lover of the fast-paced and intellectually challenging environment of Model UN. Outside the realm of public speaking, Jerry is always on the hunt for good food, enjoys playing badminton and ultimate frisbee, and takes every chance he gets to jam some piano tunes into his schedule. They are honoured to be serving as your Crisis Staff Team, and with their combined knowledge, expertise, creativity, and acting abilities, delegates can expect to see the most innovative and intense CAIMUN yet!